Launch Day and Brand Mission!

Launch Day and Brand Mission!

I am ecstatic to launch my brand Not Aggressive. POWERFUL™️ today via my online business at

While I am excited, I remain cognizant of the fact that the world is a challenging place for many individuals.

My enthusiasm for this venture stems from my ultimate goal of partnering with non-profit organizations, both local and beyond, to make a positive impact while building the brand. I am committed to making a meaningful contribution and creating positive change wherever possible.

My brand has evolved into a platform for sharing my thoughts and observations on the world with others. I've always had a unique perspective on things and it's a privilege to be able to share that with the world. Imagine if we could live in a world that operates on love instead of hate. It's worth contemplating whether we could create a world that reflects a different way of living. 

Let us embark on a quest to create a lasting change!

Most of my creations weave a tapestry of meaning and tales, a journey of the heart. As we tread this path together, I shall share with you the stories that lie within each piece. My other works either derive from my own daily passions that I believe others can relate to, or they stem from a piece of art that has inspired me and that I have incorporated into my own products.

Thank you for your curiosity and support!

With love, Sawsin

Be bold.

Be kind.

Be you.

Be unapologetically authentic.


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